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March 20th: Email me to receive morning report with all new Roswell homes for sale that day. Plus comments and discussion from me. roswellagent@gmail.com. I represent families looking to buy a home in Roswell.

Subdivision Videos

Click on the link to view homes and subdivision video

Alpharetta/Johns Creek Subdivisions:

Hillbrooke (200-330k) HD

Glenhurst (250-400k) HD

Parsons Run (300-400k) HD

Milton Subdivisions:

Bethany Oaks (400-600k)

Brookshade (400-700k)

Champions Overlook (400-700k)

Colonnade at White Columns (500-800k)

Country Ridge (200-400k)

Crabapple Brook (600k-1.7M)

Crabapple North (250-300k)

Danbury Park (300-550k)

Enniskerry (300-600k)

Evergrace (600-800k)

Nettlebrook Farms (600-900k)

Oxford Lakes (400-500k)

Providence Lake (300-600k)

Providence Place (~400k)

Providence Plantation (~400k)

Reddstone (500-750k)

Richmond Glen (500-900k)

Spence’s Field (250-350k)

Tramore (800k-1M)

Triple Crown (600-950k)

Roswell Subdivisions:

Barrington Gates (500-600k)

Barrington Farms (150-250k)

Bristol Oaks (300-400k)

Brookfield Country Club (300k-1M)

Charleston Pointe (300-450k)

Chickering (400-600k)

Chimney Lakes (200-500k)

Crabapple Oaks (550-700k)

Crabapple Parc (200-300k)

Creekside (300-500k)

Devereaux Downs (400-600k)

Edgewater Cove (550-650k)

Elgaen Place (200-300k)

Foxhall (200-600k)

Hadfield (200-500k)

Hamilton Commons (300-400k)

Hedgerow IV (200-400k)

Heydon Hall (700k-1M)

Horseshoe Bend (200k-1M+)

Huntington Park (300-600k)

Kiveton Park (300-500k)

Lake Charles Plantation (400-700k)

Lake Forest (150-300k)

Lakeside at Ansley (700k-1M+)

Lakeside at Hamilton Commons (300-500k)

Legacy Village (600-850k)

Litchfield Hundred (400k-1.5M)

Loch Highland (200-350k)

Moss Pointe (500-700k)

North Point (200-350k)

Pine Hurst (600-750k)

Riverbirch Glen (300-600k)

Saddle Creek (200-400k)

Spring Ridge (200-300k)

State Street (400-600k)

Summerhill Estates (300-500k)

Summit Oaks (400-500k)

Wexford (200-500k)

Wickerberry (200-300k)

Wildwood Springs (200-500k)

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